Happy Halloween! I love this time of year – cooler fall weather, changing leaves in bright autumn colors, the kids back in school ( 🙂 ) and the anticipation of celebrations to come have me giddy with excitement. However, what doesn’t fill me with holiday fervor is the ridiculous amount of money I’ll spend on candy to pass out to those cherubic trick-or-treaters who come knocking on my door.

Truth be told, our neighborhood’s demographic doesn’t warrant itself to a mass influx of elementary school-aged kids, but I still manage to drop serious cash on candy and miraculously it always disappears…Mysteriously, often in the days still leading up to Halloween. My dear readers, you may be wondering how such an enigma occurs, but its cause is usually found in many households, including yours. I’ve discovered the culprit! It’s your uncontrollable sweet tooth that craves just one, OK maybe two…or three, tasty goodies from the festive candy bowl innocently set out to compliment your Halloween décor. And unbeknownst to you (or not, but they certainly think so) the littles living in your house are sneakily gorging their hearts out on those fun-sized goodies too. (What’s not so fun is when they spoil their dinner). Thankfully, I have a solution for you. It’ll save you lots of money, as well as unwanted calories. Are you ready for it? DO NOT BUY CANDY YOU LIKE (so you won’t be tempted to eat it). How’s that for a money-savvy nugget of holiday wisdom?