Welcome to Finances for Families! This whole blog started because I got the crazy notion that other families out there were perhaps just a little like my family…While we live on a budget and work hard for our money, we aren’t debt free and extreme frugality is not in our repertoire. We do, however, appreciate a good deal, try to be crafty with our spending, save responsibly, and most importantly, try to squeeze the most out of this journey.

When some people hear the word ‘budget’, they cringe. I get it, really, I do…SO been there! But in reality a budget is just about choosing where to put your money (and you put your money where your priorities are). But everyone (well everyone I know anyway) has limited resources, so if there is something you really want (whether it be travel, experiences for the kids, an early retirement, etc.), make space for it! And when there just isn’t enough money for it all, this blog will help you figure out ways to make it possible.

At Finances for Families we have a whole staff of writers who share their ideas on how to make the good stuff happen! All families are different and our writers and their experiences reflect those differences. We share tips, tricks and stories from families with babies to families with adult children, single parent families to blended families, small families to large families, and everything in between. And we keep it real too (think ‘Frugality Fails’), because what is life without a little laughter mixed in?

As for our family, we are in the ‘middle stage’ of this epic parenting journey. My family includes our son, who just entered double digits, two teenage daughters, my husband and myself, and last but certainly not least, our beloved fur baby—the cat. Life seems to be full steam ahead, but these years together are a blessing and we try to take an optimistic view of the chaos (which I’m sure you can all appreciate, is harder at some times than others). Our family is known for being just a little adventurous…We’ve house swapped with Aussies, driven around New Zealand in a van officially named “El Cheapo,” lived in Spain for the summer and camped in the Pyrenees to cheer on the Tour de France. Sure, we’ve had a few bungles along the way, but it’s those debacles that make the best stories later on!

Finances for Families aims to help families of all shapes and sizes find the (tricky) balance between being fiscally responsible and building wealth and security for the future while still enjoying activities and adventures right now! My mother-in-law’s untimely death at the age of 62 really shaped our family’s desire to enjoy the present while still planning for the future. Achieving this balance requires money, discipline, effort and planning. As we all know, Real Life (aka ‘being a grown up’) can be hard work. Finances for Families is here to help make some aspects a little easier by providing ideas and inspiration, as well as the occasional cautionary tale, for your family to practice financial responsibility while still enjoying the good stuff (whatever that means for you) in life!